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Forehead Lift Houston

A cosmetic forehead lift, also called a brow lift, in our Houston cosmetic surgery office will lift and reshape your brow line to a more youthful position, elevate the tissues of your brow to eliminate deep furrows, and create a more youthful look.

Good Candidates For A Brow Lift Or Forehead Lift Procedure

Houston men and women who are otherwise in good health but have deep furrows in the brows, and/or hooding of the eyes due to drooping brows are appropriate candidates for a forehead lift. During your private consultation with Dr. Rich, she will review all your options and discuss the anesthesia, potential risks, and your expected recovery. Dr. Rich’s plastic surgery office is located in Webster, TX, convenient to Houston, Galveston, Clear Lake, and Pearland. During your brow lift consultation, a thorough history will be taken and a face and eye exam will be performed to confirm that forehead rejuvenation is the correct surgical procedure for you.

How A Brow Lift Or Forehead Lift Is Performed

A forehead lift can be performed endoscopically or through a coronal incision. With a coronal method, an incision is made across the top of your scalp. The endoscopic approach uses an endoscope that is inserted through several tiny incisions in the scalp instead of a large incision across the top of the head. For this reason, Dr. Rich generally prefers the coronal approach, although both procedures result in forehead rejuvenation.

A forehead lift is performed under general anesthesia, and usually requires 1-2 hours in the accredited onsite surgical suite In Dr. Rich’s Houston plastic surgery office.

What To Expect After Forehead Or Brow Lift Surgery

After surgery, you’ll be most comfortable if you keep your head elevated, even while sleeping, for a few days. Applying ice will provide comfort, as well as Tylenol. You will have some bruising and swelling, and might have blurry vision because of the eye ointment. You will have small Steri-strips over your incisions. At your first post-operative office visit, your sutures will be removed. After several weeks, exercise can be resumed, including bending and lifting, and you’ll start to see the final, youthful results!

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