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Our Accredited Operating Suite Houston

Dr. Donna Rich’s Houston cosmetic surgery practice has its own onsite AAAASF Operating Suite: a state-of-the-art convenience for our patients.

You’ll love the personalized care and privacy our in-office suite provides! You’ll arrive through our private OR entrance, and then settle into your comfy pre-op bed, where you’ll feel safe and secure, surrounded by friendly, familiar faces who care for you like family. Dr. Rich arrives in her snazzy animal-print scrubs, decorates you with her pre-op markings, and your transformation journey begins! The day of magic is finally here!

Just A Few of the Benefits You’ll Appreciate About Our Houston Plastic Surgeon’s Private OR:

  • Your exposure to germs and bacteria are minimized; unlike a hospital, we treat only healthy people here!
  • You’ll feel safe knowing our operating room has all the safety features of a hospital OR.
  • Your procedure will never be rescheduled due to an emergency, as might happen in a hospital setting.
  • You won’t be rushed out because our OR is strictly for our use.
  • Our techs are familiar with how Dr. Rich performs her procedures because we use the same team every day!
  • Our Certified Nurse Anesthetist knows Dr. Rich’s preferences and standards for perfection.
  • Our OR is AAAASF accredited.

What is AAAASF Accreditation?
The initials AAAASF stand for the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities. The AAAASF develops and implements standards of excellence to ensure the highest quality of patient safety through an accreditation program. In short, it means that Dr. Rich’s Houston plastic surgery operating room has been inspected, and meets 100% of the standards set by AAAASF for Accreditation.

The AAAASF protects patients in an office-based surgery (OBS) setting by

  • Requiring surgeons to have hospital privileges for any procedure they perform in an OBS;
  • Mandating that only Anesthesia professionals provide deeper levels of anesthesia;
  • Holding each OBS to rigorous standards for a safe surgical environment, up-to-date equipment, and appropriate anesthesia drugs;
  • Assuring that Office-Based Surgery standards are the same as Hospital standards;
  • Using peer review (peer oversight) to inspect and re-inspect OBS facilities.

To learn more about the AAAASF, click the link.