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Breast Procedures Houston

Are you unhappy with the way your breasts look? There are a lot of aesthetic issues that women can have with their breasts. Some women may feel like their breasts are too small and do not complement the shape of their figure. Other women may find that their large breasts make it difficult to find clothing that fits properly, or they may be experiencing physical discomfort due to the size of their breasts. A lot of women are satisfied with the size of their breasts but are unhappy with the shape of their breasts due to the effects of aging, pregnancy, and breastfeeding.

At ACPS Clear Lake, we understand that every woman will have her own unique and very personal reasons for pursuing some form of breast surgery. That is why we strive to provide all our clients with the personalized care, attention, and results they are looking for.

Dr. Hustak and Dr. Wentworth will take the time to sit down with you and discuss the full details of your procedure so that she can fully understand what you want to accomplish through breast surgery. This includes discussing the specific aesthetic issues you have with your breasts, the reasons for choosing the breast surgery, and what your aesthetic goals are. She will even make recommendations regarding which procedure and approach will be able to achieve your desired results.


The many reasons women seek breast surgery are as varied as the women themselves. Each woman has her own, unique set of image goals, and working with Dr. Hustak and Dr. Wentworth to meet them offers one important difference — a female surgeon’s perspective. Dr. Hustak and Dr. Wentworth understand the woman’s body and mindset as only a woman can, and her all-female staff follows through with patient care that a woman can truly appreciate. Providing our patients with this environment helps to make them feel comfortable and helps us to establish a personal relationship with each one of them. This will enable us to provide them with personalized care throughout the entire process.

There are a number of surgical options for enhancing the appearance of a patient’s breasts, and it is important to know that while Dr. Hustak and Dr. Wentworth are thoroughly trained and experienced in all the surgical procedures they perform, by far, their most common procedures performed involve the breasts. Dr. Hustak and Dr. Wentworth are not only highly skilled at performing breast procedures, they also have a very refined eye for breast aesthetics. This means that she is capable of providing results that are both beautiful and natural-looking.

Breast Augmentation (Spanish)

  • Can give women with small or unevenly-sized breasts a fuller, firmer and better-proportioned look through the placement of implants in the breast. Breast augmentation surgery can also help to bring balance to the patient’s figure by adding larger contours to the upper body that are complemented by the contours of the buttocks and thighs. Implants are silicone shells filled with either saline (salt water) or silicone gel. The type of implant used, the location of the incision, the implant size, the implant texture, the implant shape, and the placement of the implant can all be adjusted to better suit the unique needs of each patient.

Breast Lift (mastopexy)

  • This is a surgical procedure to raise and reshape sagging breasts. The procedure can also reduce the size of the areola (the darker skin surrounding the nipple). The breast lift procedure can also be performed on women who lack fullness at the top of the breasts due to breast sagging. The breast lift is often the ideal choice for women who have recently had a child and have developed noticeable breast sagging due to the effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Breast implants inserted in conjunction with a mastopexy procedure can increase both firmness and size and is often the better choice for women seeking more comprehensive breast enhancement.

Breast Reduction (reduction mammaplasty)

  • The removal of fat, glandular tissue and excessive skin, resulting in smaller, lighter and firmer breasts that are better-shaped in proportion to the rest of the body. This can be performed to address the numerous physical issues associated with overly large breasts, such as posture problems, rashes under the breasts, and neck, back, and shoulder pain. Breast reduction surgery can also be performed to correct breast asymmetry in women who prefer a smaller and more refined breast size and shape.

Breast Implant Exchange Surgery

  • The removal and replacement of breast implants to change the size, change the type of implant, or replace damaged implants. This procedure is commonly performed in women who experience capsular contracture or rippling in the breast skin after breast augmentation surgery. It is also frequently performed on women who are no longer satisfied with their current implant size.

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