Did you know that there’s a way to take years, even a decade, off of your appearance? A midface lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure that’s designed to refresh your appearance and treat the signs of aging.

Each patient experiences aging differently. Some people have flattening or hollowing of the cheeks, some experience deep creases around the mouth and many others will have sagging skin under the cheekbones. For aging concentrated around the nose, mouth and cheek, a midface lift can be ideal. Many patients elect to combine a neck lift or brow lift to achieve more comprehensive rejuvenation.

The procedure is performed in an accredited surgical suite in our Houston plastic surgery office. Incisions in the temple area behind the hairline make it possible to lift and tighten the skin to give you a more youthful and completely natural appearance.

To learn more about the midface lift, speak with plastic surgeons Dr. Hustak and Dr. Wentworth by setting up a consultation today.