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Archive for March, 2012

Tanning Beds Pose Health Risks

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center shared the following patient information sheet with us, and we wanted to pass it along to you. Sun damage not only impacts our skin’s appearance, but can have deadly consequences over time. DANGERS OF TANNING RANGE FROM WRINKLED SKIN TO CANCER Tanning salons advertise a way to […]

Maintenance is key in effectiveness of smoothers and fillers

We’ve talked before about the importance of safety when undergoing treatment with smoothers like Botox® Cosmetic or fillers like Radiesse®. “Smoothing” injectable medications are used to relax the muscles that make frown lines and crow’s feet, while “fillers” are injectables used to fill in deeper lines and wrinkles like those “parenthesis” around your mouth. We […]

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