There have been many “new” techniques introduced in the Houston area and elsewhere that promise to dissolve fat with minimal downtime. Most of these procedures have come and gone. Many patients who had these procedures were unhappy with the amount of fat removed — as opposed to traditional liposuction — and the many complications. Most patients had no results that were obvious.

One such treatment is available now in a non-invasive tool that cools the fat by an externally applied suction device. The results are minimal in contrast to traditional liposuction, but the costs are not. Only certain areas can be treated at a time.

Another procedure also available removes fat by a laser source performed under local anesthesia. The skin shrinking has been minimal and results temporary. Large areas are difficult to treat.

Most of the above treatments are performed in the Houston area by non-plastic surgeons with minimal training. The last option can be very dangerous in the wrong hands, especially since the laser probe is small and can easily penetrate vital organs.

Most plastic surgeons continue to achieve wonderful results with traditional tumescent liposuction either with PAL (Power Assisted Liposuction) or with other devices. The surgical procedure is usually short, with minimal downtime and with very small incisions.

Removing unwanted fat by liposuction or other means should not be used as a weight loss procedure. Most patients should be within 10 to 20 pounds of their ideal body weight and be healthy. Maintaining your results with a healthy lifestyle is imperative.