We all know that BBL’s (also known as Brazilian Butt Lift) are one of the most popular surgeries of our time. Made wildly popular by the Kardashian culture, big butts are in. But how much are you willing to risk for a Kim K sized bottom? The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has just released some alarming statistics that you need to hear!

The Multi-Society Task Force for Safety in Gluteal Fat Grafting representing board-certified plastic surgeons around the world recently released a practice advisory. The advisory was intended to warn surgeons of the risks of injecting fat into the the gluteal muscle. Deaths have continued to be reported since the release of the advisory. The mortality rate from this procedure is estimated to be 1:3000, greater than any other cosmetic surgery!

The cause of the complications; fatal fat embolism. A fat embolism happens when fat enters the venous circulation associated with injury to the gluteal veins. In every patient who has died, autopsy revealed that fat was found within the gluteal muscle. The Task Force has since concluded that fat should never be injected into the muscle, only under the skin and on top of the muscle.

This may mean that your desired BBL results will require more than one surgery. I care about my patient’s health first and foremost and want to make sure that anyone looking into the BBL procedure is well aware of the risks associated with this surgery.