Blepharoplasty, commonly referred to as eyelid surgery, is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to rejuvenate and enhance the appearance of the eyelids. This surgical intervention primarily targets the upper and lower eyelids, eliminating excess skin and fat deposits that can accumulate over time due to aging or genetic factors. Sagging muscle tissue is also tightened.

Dr. Hustak and Dr. Wentworth, renowned female board-certified plastic surgeons, specialize in performing eyelid procedures in Houston, providing patients with optimal results.

Benefits of Blepharoplasty

There are several advantages associated with blepharoplasty, making it a popular choice among individuals seeking facial rejuvenation:

  • Youthful Appearance – One of the most significant benefits of blepharoplasty is the restoration of a more youthful and alert appearance. The procedure can eliminate sagging skin and reduce puffiness, which can make patients look older and fatigued.
  • Improved Vision – In some cases, excessive upper-eyelid skin can obstruct a person’s field of vision. Blepharoplasty can correct this issue, enhancing not only aesthetics but also functionality.
  • Long-Lasting Results – While the aging process continues, the results of blepharoplasty are long-lasting, with many patients enjoying their rejuvenated appearance for years to come.
  • Minimal Downtime – Blepharoplasty is a relatively quick and straightforward procedure, often performed on an outpatient basis. Recovery time is typically short, allowing patients to return to their daily activities relatively quickly.

Eyelid Surgery Ideal Candidates

Blepharoplasty is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and ideal candidates share specific characteristics:

  • Good Health – Candidates should be in overall good health, with no uncontrolled medical conditions that could increase the risks associated with surgery.
  • Realistic Expectations – It’s essential for patients to have realistic expectations about the outcome of the procedure. While blepharoplasty can provide significant improvements, it cannot completely halt the aging process.
  • Non-Smokers – Smoking can impair the body’s ability to heal and increase the risk of complications. Ideal candidates for blepharoplasty are non-smokers or willing to quit temporarily.
  • Age Considerations – While blepharoplasty is often associated with aging, individuals of various age groups may benefit from the procedure. Younger patients with hereditary eyelid concerns can also seek improvement through blepharoplasty.
  • Eyelid Concerns – Ideal candidates typically have specific concerns related to their eyelids, such as excess skin and puffiness. If they want to reduce the appearance of droopy lids, Dr. Hustak and Dr. Wentworth can determine if they are a good candidate.

Blepharoplasty Results

The results of eyelid surgery can last for many years, but they will eventually fade as the natural aging process continues. And while the blepharoplasty procedure will leave some post-surgical marks, they are typically very faint and well-hidden.

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