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Laser Hair Removal

Managing unwanted body hair can be an incredibly frustrating issue to deal with. Unsightly hairs can pop up in areas all around your body, from your feet to your face. Shaving these hairs can be difficult. Sometimes, they grow at odd angles that are difficult to shave or in hard-to-reach places that a razor can’t get to. Other options like waxing can be incredibly uncomfortable for some people.

What makes all this worse is that those hairs will just pop back up in a few days, so you’ll have to spend even more time and money managing pesky body hair that you would rather never see again.

If you want to permanently eliminate your unwanted body hair so that you never have to shave, pluck, or wax it again, laser hair removal is your ideal solution. With laser hair removal, you never have to worry about cuts, razor burn, or irritation ever again.

This gentle, quick, and pain-free treatment can provide you with the long-lasting results you want and can leave your skin looking and feeling silky smooth.

I’m really liking the laser hair removal procedures and how they are improving what I want improved. The ladies doing the work are very professional and nice.
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How Laser Hair Removal Works

The laser hair removal treatment works by using a powerful and precise laser to target the hair follicles in the desired area. The laser energy shrinks and destroys the hair follicle in order to permanently close it off. This prevents any new hair from growing in the area. Hair will gradually diminish after each session.

Additional treatments of the same area may be required, as some of the hairs in the area may not be growing at the time of treatment – hair must be in its growth phase to be affected by the treatment. Multiple treatments are required every 1-2 months and will provide 75– 90% permanent hair loss. You may likely need to return once a year or two for a touch-up treatment.

Laser hair removal is safe to use on even the most sensitive areas of the body. These include areas like the face, neck, armpits, and bikini zone. Laser hair removal is excellent for eliminating large areas of hair, like on the stomach, chest, and back. The device used for the procedure also makes it easy to treat hard-to-reach areas.

Both women and men of all skin types can benefit from Laser Hair Removal. Patients with naturally darker skin may required additional treatments. This has to do with the amount of melanin in their skin, which can slightly hinder the laser’s ability to lock onto the hair follicles.

Recovering from Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Some patients may experience a small amount of irritation in the areas treated, and the skin may take on a sunburnt appearance. Applying ice to the area and a cooling cream will help to manage any discomfort that may be experienced.

It is also important that you keep the treated area clean. This can be done by gently washing the area with water and a mild soap. Applying a lotion to keep the skin nourished can also be very beneficial.

You should avoid direct exposure to sunlight during the first few days after your treatment. If you do go outside, we recommend that you apply sunscreen in order to ensure your skin is properly protected.

There is no downtime required after your laser hair removal treatment. Most patients are able to return to work and their other daily activities immediately following their treatment.

If laser hair removal sound like the ideal solution to your excess-hair issues, contact Bayview Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Donna Rich.

Laser Hair Removal FAQs

Q: Which Areas of the Body Can Be Treated with Laser Hair Removal?
A: Almost any area of the body can be targeted with the help of our precise laser hair removal technology. This includes the back, underarms, legs, upper lip, arms, neck, and chest.

Q: How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Take to Perform?
A: The hair-removal process is fairly quick for smaller areas like the upper lip but can require more time for larger regions like the back. Multiple regions will also take longer to treat.

Q: How Many Treatments Will I Need?
A: Hairs go through a number of phases but can only be effectively treated during their growth phase, technically known as the anagen phase. Hairs are in different phases at different times, so patients will need multiple treatments in order to get rid of the hairs that are not currently in their growth phase.

The exact number of laser hair removal treatments required will depend on the patient’s aesthetic goals. To find out how many treatments you will likely need, it will be necessary to ask Dr. Rich during your consultation.

Q: How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?
A: The cost of a patient’s laser hair removal treatment varies depending on several factors. The length of time the procedure requires can have an impact on the price, as can the number and size of the treatment areas. To find out more, speak with Dr. Rich.

Q: How Long Do Laser Hair Removal Results Last?
A: Laser hair removal is a much more convenient and longer-lasting hair-removal option than plucking or shaving. In some cases, laser hair removal is permanent. Generally, 75% to 90% permanent hair loss can be achieved using this treatment option. For areas where the treatment’s results are not permanent, hair reduction is typically still long-lasting.