DF(post1)OMG OMG OMG I didn’t realize the extent of change until I saw the pictures side by side! I knew it was a wonderful gift but I guess I had never actually realized to what extent my body had aged and enlarged ! I want to first thank Tammy for being SO incredibly sweet, sincere, caring and comfortable! After my first visit being so difficult for me to have to undress you never made me feel anything but that I was in great hands & like I was talking to a friend! You are truly a gem in that office!

To Dr. Rich, you took an old,wrinkled, dimpled canvas and created something that I’m not afraid to look at anymore! Truly an artist! You went deeper than you think in this surgery because you truly got to my heart and made me feel whole again!

As shy as I am ….if you ever need an old patient to talk about my wonderful experience to a prospective patient, please let me know! Also I would be happy for you to share my pictures with patients because I myself had no idea the change that could happen! The after pictures are a miracle as far as I’m concerned! Can’t stop looking at them! Thanks so much to the both of you!! If ever I can do anything (answer phones, get lunch, sweep, lol) PLEASE let me know!(cause I’m gonna miss y’all).