A recent breast augmentation study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (an association I belong to) evaluated the responses of 225 women over a 5-year period, to quantify the level of satisfaction with their breast implant procedures. According to the study, 98% of the women were very satisfied with their results! This doesn’t surprise us here at my Houston plastic surgery practice, where women routinely tell us they’re thrilled with their new breasts! However, it’s always nice when a study actually confirms our experience!

The Breast Augmentation Study
The 5-year study involved 225 women who underwent a breast augmentation procedure. Their average age was 34, and most of the women received saline-filled implants that were placed under the muscle. Approximately 13% of the women said they wished they’d had larger implants placed, while 85% said their choice of implant size was just right for them. Most of the women took 7 days from work and social activities, and most took prescription pain meds for about five days, on average. It took about 25 days for most women to feel back to normal after their breast implant procedure.

Psychological Effects of Breast Implants
Similar to our experience here in Houston, breast implant the women in the study were overwhelmingly positive about the boost in their self-confidence and self-esteem.

It’s our experience here in Houston that breast augmentation patients are overwhelmingly happy with their results. They enjoy a renewed sense of self-confidence and have a little bit of “swagger” in their step that is new to them. It’s a very satisfactory procedure to perform, too, as I know how happy my patients are when their results are visible and they’re back to their normal routine.

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