Being new to social media, I thought perhaps I should start this blogging venture by telling readers a little about me and about my practice at Bayview Plastic Surgery.

You can get all the standard details about me on our Web site, — like my educational background, credentials and professional associations. It even lists a few of my hobbies – reading, traveling and painting – and you can link to a story about me in Coast Magazine that tells a little about my passion for fashion and my interest in making jewelry.

So what else is there? Well, I have a love of plants that can often have me found with my hands in the dirt or around a watering can both at my office and my home. I’ve even thought of pursuing a Master Gardener status … if I ever have the time.

But I stay pretty busy. Besides keeping up with a full-time practice, seeing hundreds of patients each year and maintaining my handle on the cutting-edge techniques and innovations of the industry, I also try to make my Bootcamp workout at least three times each week and enjoy participating in some community outreach projects across the area when I am able.

I’ve been married to my husband, Glen, longer than I care to admit, and we are the proud parents of three boisterous golden labs who are the light of my life. In fact, my medical studies and love of animals almost took me the route of veterinarian years ago, but plastic surgery caught my attention and I never looked back.

I truly love what I do, and when I opened Bayview Plastic Surgery, my foremost thought was for the comfort and ease of my patients. I hope those who visit us find the atmosphere professional, and yet cozy and calming all at once.

Through exhaustive research by both my staff and me, we try to offer the finest products, treatments and procedures available to help our patients look their best. We understand the issues that both men and women face regarding appearance, and we offer many solid solutions to those problems.

For more information on what Bayview Plastic Surgery has to offer, you can again turn to our Web site or just give us a call. Dialing 281-286-1000 will put you in touch with one of my friendly, helpful staff members and get you the answers you’re seeking about enhancing your appearance.

I hope you’ll come by Bayview Plastic Surgery to meet me and see what we can do for you. We offer consultation appointments Mondays and Wednesdays all day and on Friday mornings.