There a number of variables to consider when making a decision on injectable facial treatments: qualifications of the person performing the injections, quality of the product being injected, initial costs of the treatment and length of time the treatment is expected to last.

The first hurdle for patients to overcome is the initial cost of treatment. Patients may choose to under correct with products such as Botox®, Juvederm® and Voluma® due to the cost of the treatment, only to find themselves less satisfied with the results. When opting for injectable facial treatment, it is important to have a frank discussion with the treating physician about expected results.

It is also important to consider maintenance treatments to lower the overall costs of injectables. Making the proper investment initially to gain full correction and maintaining that correction appropriately can lower the costs of future treatments.

In the case of Juvederm®, initial treatment is expected to last a year or more before full correction would be needed again. However, patients who perform maintenance treatments before one year will need fewer syringes to maintain the same result.

With Botox® injections, correction is expected to last four to six months, but studies have found that keeping up a schedule of treatments every four to six months may, overtime, increase the longevity of each treatment. Also, continued treatment with these injectables not only smooths the wrinkles visible at the time of treatment, but helps to prevent more wrinkling as time goes on.

The key is to maintain treatments, thus preventing complete loss of correction. Keeping a regular schedule of maintenance treatments also means maintaining a younger, smoother appearance year-round.

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