Dr. Hustak and Dr. Wentworth are plastic surgeons with years of experience in cosmetic breast surgery. Even though breast augmentations with saline or silicone implants generally yield rewarding results, sometimes the patient’s preferences change after the augmentation is complete. It’s also important to note that breast implants may change shape or rupture over time. For these reasons, an implant exchange is one of the many breast procedures offered by Dr. Hustak and Dr. Wentworth.

Implant exchange is a breast revision procedure that can replace your older implants with newer ones. In some cases, this surgical revision involves repositioning the implants to create a more preferable result.

Dr. Hustak and Dr. Wentworth will likely perform the procedure using the same incision sites as the original procedure, and the patient will typically be under general anesthesia. The recovery time for this surgery varies depending on the patient and scope of the procedure, but it is generally quick.

For more details about breast implant exchange, contact Dr. Hustak and Dr. Wentworth at their Houston office to set up a private consultation. During the consultation, all of your questions will be answered and each possible option will be discussed.