Is it your dream to have a fit and trim tummy and better contours? Have you been trying different diets and exercise routines only to discover that you aren’t noticing any significant results? If so, it may be time to come in for an abdominoplasty, a type of surgery that improves the appearance of your stomach.

What Happens During an Abdominoplasty?

When you undergo an abdominoplasty, Dr. Rich removes the loose skin from your tummy. She also extracts fat deposits in this region and tightens the drooping abdominal muscles.

This surgery is customized depending on your needs. Dr. Rich will strategically plan out the procedure with the goal of getting you the great results you deserve.

What Should You Do Before Getting an Abdominoplasty?

Make sure that you start following a balanced diet before you get an abdominoplasty to speed up the rate of recovery after the procedure. Make it a point to decrease the consumption of vitamin E.

It is essential that you start exercising regularly at least two weeks prior to the date of the surgery. The benefits of an active lifestyle are that your body will be able to recover faster and you can observe better results after the procedure. You must also avoid smoking and drinking, as they slow down the healing process.

Recovering After the Abdominoplasty

Once you undergo a tummy-tuck surgery, you need to give yourself a minimum of four weeks to recover from the procedure. During this period, remember to keep physical activity to a minimum. Since you won’t be able to exercise, it is vital that you continue to eat a balanced diet during the recovery period.

You will have to wear a post-surgical compression garment to quicken the pace of recovery. This garment will help the tightened skin better conform to the abdomen’s new contours. It will also help control bruising and swelling in the region, which is typical after a surgery.

What Should You Expect After the Abdominoplasty?

After the swelling from your abdominoplasty has diminished, you will be able to see that your tummy is flat and toned. The contours will be smooth and trim. You should make sure that you continue to remain active and eat healthy in order to preserve the results of your procedure.

How to Select a Surgeon for Abdominoplasty

Because this is an invasive surgical procedure, you need to choose the right plastic surgeon for the job. When you meet with doctors, make it a point to ask them about the number of procedures they have performed. The ideal surgeon will have performed numerous successful abdominoplasties. They will also have the necessary certifications. In addition, you may request the practitioner provide before-and-after pictures of the treatment so that you get an idea of their skills.

Meeting with Dr. Rich

Dr. Donna Rich is a renowned board-certified plastic surgeon who has the experience you need to get amazing tummy-tuck results. If you want to get a fit and trim tummy, contact the office of Dr. Rich and set up your consultation.