One of the more important elements of a rhytidectomy, or facelift, is the recovery period that follows. This is a time when most of the control shifts from the surgeon to the patient. During the facelift healing phase, rest and relaxation are vital to ensure a successful procedure.

It’s natural to experience swelling and bruising in the days after the procedure, but keep in mind that you will probably look worse than you feel. By the third day after the surgery, the swelling should peak before showing rapid signs of improvement. Elevating the head at all times, including when lying down, should help speed up the process. You can use extra pillows to keep the head above the heart and flush the excess fluid out.

Do not drink alcohol for two weeks after the procedure, as it can increase bleeding during facelift healing. Speak with your doctor about any medications before taking them while recovering.

Dr. Hustak and Dr. Wentworth will sit with you and discuss facelift healing details in full during a consultation. Contact their Houston office to set up an appointment.