I know that Houston cosmetic surgery patients love a bargain, and I know that it’s hard to say no to a discount on BOTOX® Cosmetic or fillers like Juvéderm® or Radiesse®. However, I also know that the FDA has recently found medspas around the US injecting fake, old or overly-diluted BOTOX® in order to make more money while advertising a deep discount to lure consumers. As a medical doctor, it’s my responsibility to inform you about these risks to help you stay safe!

Imagine buying Tide liquid laundry detergent on a “special” only to learn later that the detergent had water added to it in order to make it appear as if you were getting a bottle of full-strength Tide. Would that make you mad? Of course! You’d rightfully feel cheated. While BOTOX® Cosmetic must be diluted in order to be used, there are specific instructions as to how much saline should be added to the product. Adding too much saline makes the BOTOX® less effective. According to the FDA, some medspas are doing exactly that: diluting the BOTOX® beyond the manufacturer’s instructions so that one vial will go farther. The FDA also reports that they’ve found “fake” BOTOX® at some medspas! This not only fails to give you the same results, but also could be dangerous. I offer only FDA approved BOTOX® and fillers. When they reach their expiration date, I throw them out.

Further, the hand that injects your BOTOX® is your assurance for ongoing excellent results. Shopping around from one Houston plastic surgeon to another in order to get the best price can be to your disadvantage. I know my patients’ faces; I’ve injected each of them numerous times and, over time, I can see where the problem areas are and I know how to address those problems.

Be aware that your face isn’t the place to hunt for bargains! Use Groupon and other coupon offers for manicures, pedicures and other beauty treatments, and save your face for the experts!

To your health and beauty,

Dr. Donna Rich
Houston Board Certified Plastic Surgeon