Each phase of a mastopexy, or breast lift procedure, is important. The phase where patients have the most control over their results is the breast lift healing phase. Breast lifts are surgical procedures that provide lift and firmness to the breasts without requiring implants.

A good approach to post-operative recovery will likely be measured by how closely you adhere to the instructions of experienced surgeons. Dr. Hustak and Dr. Wentworth will help guide the patient step-by-step through every phase of the recovery process and will provide follow-up exams to ensure that there are no complications.

During breast lift healing, Dr. Hustak and Dr. Wentworth will carefully remove bandages when the time is appropriate. This is also the time for a post-operative evaluation to make sure the procedure was a success. Dr. Hustak and Dr. Wentworth inspect your progress in terms of healing and check the color and blood supply around the areolae.

You’ll likely be prescribed medication for pain management. It is important to avoid heavy lifting of any kind while also being mindful to not put unnecessary pressure on the healing breasts. For this reason, sleeping on your back is generally recommended while you heal.

For more information about breast lift healing, contact Dr. Hustak and Dr. Wentworth at their Houston office to set up a consultation.