There are two basic types of breast implants approved for use today by the FDA: silicone and saline. Both feature a silicone shell, and the material within the shell is either silicone or saline.

Saline breast implants are available in a smooth or textured surface, a round or teardrop shape and with a high, medium or low profile. The shell is empty prior to surgery and is filled with a sterile salt water solution during the procedure.

On a thinner woman or a woman with thin skin, saline implants may appear to have more visible edges. If ruptured, saline implants will typically deflate within four hours.

Silicone breast implants are filled with a gel-like silicone which resists leakage due to its consistency. Silicone implants are also available with a choice of textures, shape & profiles. Silicone gel implants are generally considered to be softer to the touch and more natural looking than saline implants.

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