Aging gracefully means, in my mind looking your absolute best for as long as you can! Aging gracefully includes the entire body not just the face. Being active is the most important factor in healthy aging. Exercise is a must! Being physically active can also help you stay strong and fit enough to keep doing the things you like to do as you get older. Making exercise and physical activity a regular part of your life can improve your health and help you maintain your independence as you age. Regular physical activity and exercise are important to the physical and mental health of almost everyone, including older adults. Even walking 30 minutes each day will keep a spring in your step. It is also important to include resistance training. Muscle strength is important for bone health, balance and just being strong enough for daily activities, such as climbing stairs or carrying groceries. Regular muscle strengthening has also been shown to help you manage blood pressure, blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels, as well as prevent and control heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Taking good care of your skin also will also help you age gracefully. Adopting a physician grade skin care regimen now can prevent some wrinkles from forming in the first place. Skin care can also prevent premature aging, pigmentation and even out your skin texture. Also important is starting a treatment program that includes Botox and fillers. The earlier you start, the fewer wrinkles you will have—it’s been proven.

One should match your outside with your inside. At ACPS Clear Lake we offer certain cosmetic procedures that can make you appear younger including facelifts, eyelifts and brow lifts.

Keep your mind active is important as well to aging gracefully. Mental calisthenics such as crossword puzzles and brain games are important.

Everyone is going to age. It’s how you age that matters. We are here to help you age gracefully, just give us a call and come in to see what we can offer you at ACPS Clear Lake to help you age gracefully.