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Thigh Lift Houston


Thighplasty is a procedure to remove excess skin and fat from either the inner or outer thighs of individuals in whom liposuction alone will not correct the aesthetic deformity. Candidates for thighplasty are usually those who have had extreme weight gains and losses or have developed laxity due to age. The thighplasty removes lax skin and fat and places the scars in locations that can be hidden within the bikini line.

A thigh lift procedure addresses a range of problems in the inner thighs, such as excess fat deposits, loose skin, weak muscles and stretch marks. Thigh lift is a common plastic surgery operation for the removal of loose skin after massive weight loss following successful bariatric surgery. Before the operation, the surgeon plans the operation by marking where the skin-incisions are to be made for optimum body contouring effect. During the thigh lift procedure itself, an incision is made in the groin crease at the junction of the thigh and groin to access the excess tissue and skin. Closure of the skin is important to the success of the operation in order to forestall scar migration downwards and distortion of the vulva.

Thighplasty surgery is an outpatient procedure. A general anesthesia is used for this surgery. The actual surgical time will vary with the amount of surgery necessary for each patient. Thighplasty surgery usually requires about 2 hours.


After surgery, patients wear a compression garment. The compression garment will stay on until their first post-operative visit. patients may have pain or nausea for 24 hours after surgery. A prescription pain medicine and antibiotics are given to patients before surgery. Activity, including sitting and progressive ambulation in a flexed position is encouraged.

Recovery from a medial thigh lift is much quicker. Most patients are up and about in two days, and discomfort is minimal. Care must be taken not to part the legs more than about shoulder width for one month to minimize tension on the incisions in the groin crease.

Patients must remember that before they see the improvement they are expecting, they will go through a standard post-operative period in which they will look quite battered and bruised. In some patients there is a slight emotional depression while they anxiously await final results. This is quite normal. Fortunately, this period usually passes rather quickly.

Stitch removal begins 10-14 days after surgery. Removing stitches is quick and uncomplicated.

Post operative pictures will be taken at 1 year.


What is a thigh lift?

There are two types of thigh lift: the medial thigh lift and the vertical thigh lift. Both procedures involve liposuction of the area and removal of excess skin. The scar in the medial thigh runs along the crease in the inner thigh and involves removal of excess skin just below the scar in the medial aspect of the thigh. The vertical scar is in the inner thigh but runs vertically from the medial thigh to the knee. The patients that require a vertical component are usually weight-loss patients.

How long is the recovery?

Most patients are back to work within two weeks.

Are there different types of thigh lift?

There is a medial thigh lift and a vertical thigh lift.

What is the difference between liposuction of the inner thighs and a thigh lift?

Liposuction only removes fat with minimal skin tightening. Thigh lifts remove fat and excess skin in these areas.

How visible is the scar?

The medial scar is hidden in the normal thigh crease by the groin. The vertical component runs in the inner thigh and is more visible.

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